ONE iD Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pre-Printed Backgrounds?

Pre-printed backgrounds are thick, durable decals that are applied to the number plates of off-road motorcycles. They contain your name and number, sub-surface printed for durability and great looks.

What will my ONE iD Pre-printed Backgrounds include?

ONE iD pre-printed backgrounds include decals for the front number plate, side panels, and airbox for most 125cc and larger motorcycles. Pre-printed backgrounds for motorcycles under 125cc will NOT include airbox decals. Pre-printed backgrounds do not include plastic or any other decals, besides the aforementioned items.

What bikes do ONE iD Pre-printed Backgrounds fit?

ONE iD pre-printed backgrounds are available for most late model motocross bikes. All pre-printed backgrounds are precision cut to fit the motorcycles OEM plastic as it came from the factory.

What if I have aftermarket plastics?

While ONE iD pre-printed backgrounds are made to fit OEM plastic applications, we do offer some additional applications for the popular Cycra Stadium front number plates.

How long will it take to receive my Pre-Printed Backgrounds or Rider ID Kit?

Orders placed by 5 p.m. PST that contain ONE iD custom products will be shipped within 3-5 business days due to production time. Once your order has shipped, you will be notified via email. Please remember that if you choose an expedited shipping option, it will only effect the shipping time, not the manufacturing time.

What makes ONE iD Pre-Printed Backgrounds superior to similar products from other manufacturers?

Aside from their striking good looks and liquid gloss finish, ONE iD Pre-printed backgrounds are true works-level products developed alongside the most demanding motocross riders in the world. No other company can tap into the extensive developmental talent of Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Ryan Villopoto, and Jason Lawrence. One Industries starts by digitally screen-printing your name and number beneath a high-gloss sheet of clear material, and coating it with a protective layer, sealing the ink from all outside elements. We then apply a thick coat of genuine 3M adhesive to the back of the decal, ensuring that your decals will stay looking great on the motorcycle; not flapping in the breeze. Finally, we cut all decals on our optically registered die-cutting press, which provides unmatched precision, and accuracy. In short, our decals will look better, adhere tighter, and last longer.

Do you offer plastic kits with your pre-printed backgrounds?

Our plastic is only available as a complete cosmetic kit which generally includes the plastics, graphics, and a seat cover. We currently do not offer plastic components separately.

What if I already have a ONE Industries complete cosmetic kit? Can I get matching pre-printed backgrounds for my kit?

Yes, we offer matching pre-printed backgrounds for all of the complete cosmetic kits that are available in our current product line. The pre-printed backgrounds can be found under the ONE iD section and under the corresponding kit as well.

Do Team Replica Pre-Printed Backgrounds include AMA logos, or other series logos free of charge?

Unless an optional series logo is selected, Team Replica Pre-Printed Backgrounds will NOT include any logos. The series logo will be replaced by a ONE Industries icon and/or rider name.

Do you offer an installation service for Pre-Printed Backgrounds?

We do not currently offer any installation services for pre-printed backgrounds or other decals. Our decals are very pliable and conform easier than other products on the market, allowing even the most inexperienced installer to successfully apply their pre-printed backgrounds free of bubbles, wrinkles, and other defects. Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions included with your ONE iD products and you should have no problems.

Can I exchange or return my custom products?

Due to the customized nature of ONE iD products, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. However, if an error was made on our part during the manufacturing process, we will correct it.

Do ONE iD products come with any warranty or guarantee?

ONE iD products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects at the time of arrival. Due to the rigorous nature of motocross racing, wear & tear as well as crashes are inevitable, and we cannot offer a warranty on any products. We also cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring to products during an attempted installation. Under no circumstances will the liability of ONE Industries exceed the replacement value of the product(s) ordered.

I am indecisive. Can I cancel my ONE iD order?

Due to the rapid and custom nature of digital manufacturing, we cannot accept any cancellations after an order is confirmed and placed.